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33 Listings


33 Listings
Items vetted for taking your fitness journey wherever you'd like – from the beach to the balcony.
18 Listings


18 Listings
Items encouraging exploration as much as new experiences – from bike rides through wineries to kayaking down rivers.
7 Listings


7 Listings
Items allowing artistic expression – from warehouse photoshoots to Raclette nights on the balcony.


a couple hand-picked favourites 🙂

AirBnb of Rental Apps

Had a date coming over for the first time and did a quick look over of my condo. Realized that my plain Jane bachelor pad looked serial killer fresh. To counter the look I had some art shipped to my place to deck the halls.

Then I realized I couldn’t hang anything…

Flipped on renterii for the first time, and saw someone in the building next door was renting out a drill. Got everything hung up, and confirmed a third date. 🙂

Slickkkkkk Design

That Airbnb know – with that Uber feel 🐐. Excited about this !

Rent Anything + Have Fun

Create a different kind of experience with local items near you 🙂

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