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Our Community

Lendii (Lenders)

Earn extra cash in over 2k communities throughout the country, by lending out your items + property on Renterii. Learn more

Rentii (Renters)

Discover + get instant access to unique item + lodging rentals near you directly thru the Renterii App Learn More

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Where can I download Renterii?

Renterii is available from coast to coast throughout Canada on Android and Apple devices. To get Renterii outside of your country chat with us today!

How does Renterii work?

Renterii is a peer-to-peer rental platform. We connect locals and visitors with items and lodgings that are available nearby. For a quick walk-through, chat now.

What can I post on Renterii?

Post almost anything on the Renterii app— from the kayak, you’re not using regularly, to your downtown apartment when away on vacation. The more useful or unique it is, the better!

What if my property or item gets damaged?

We’ve teamed up with Duuo to provide our users with on-demand insurance coverage in the unfortunate event that your item or space gets damaged. To learn more about what’s covered visit here.

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